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Talking with Invisalign

Just like any orthodontic appliance that stays in your mouth Invisalign may take a few days to get used to. During that time, your tongue may also need to get used to having Invisalign in your mouth. So, it is possible that you could experience a very slight, and temporary, change in your speech for the first couple days after starting Invisalign treatment. There is no difference in talking with Invisalign once you get used to.

The chances of having speech impediments caused by Invisalign are very low. When you have your Invisalign appliances placed for the first time, it is quite common for the patient to notice slight changes in their speech while talking with Invisalign. Interestingly, this is often only noticeable for the patient, and not to others who listen to him or her. The invisible braces system Invisalign does not cause any major speech impediments; otherwise, the system would not be so popular all around the globe nowadays.

In case a patient notices any speech impediment while wearing Invisalign and it bothers them, there are ways to fix it within only few days. Practicing is the key – regular practice to pronounce and enunciate different words is the best way to get rid of a slight lisp, it makes talking with Invisalign easier and helps getting used to the new invisible appliance in your mouth. Additionally, reading aloud to yourself or people you feel comfortable with is another great way to quickly overcome any impediments.

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