Braces on Valentine's Day is the BEST!

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Bitter or Sweet for Valentine’s Day

One of the best parts of Valentine’s Day is the candy! However, if you wear braces, you might feel a little left out of the fun. For instance, some candies for orthodontic patients is better left on the store shelves. There is are a few options you can try as long as you always do your part keep your teeth clean.

Today our team at Orthodontic Experts want to give you some helpful tips to protect your braces and your teeth during this sweet holiday that everyone loves.

Sweet: Cookies & Cupcakes

Probably your safest bet for sweets on Valentine’s Day is soft, freshly baked cookies or cupcakes. Aside from all the sugar itself, these are softer options that don’t pose of a threat in terms of damage to your teeth.

For everyone out there who loves sugar, just remember it is not good for you or your teeth. So, don’t let your sweet tooth run amok!

Bittersweet: Assorted Chocolates

The most popular way to show someone your care is to surprise them with the most delicious assorted chocolates, BUT in a heart-shaped box.

As Forest Gump always said, “You never know what you’re going to get!”

Just remember as long as the chocolate candies don’t come gooey, carmely, or hard nut or toffee center then you’re definitely okay with eating them as well. Here is a little tip for these types of candies: Break them into little tiny pieces so it makes it easier and safer to indulge the chocolatey greatness!

Bittersweet: Soft Candies

While soft candy is 100% acceptable for your braces every once in a while, that doesn’t mean that all soft candies should be treated equally!

The reason behind this is because soft also means sticky and gooey. This is where you run in trouble when you’re wearing braces. However, the kind of substance is already hard to clean from your teeth, BUT imagine trying to clean out of your braces….YEAH NO! Just try to stay away from the sticky and gooey candies, that's all.

Bitter: Candy Hearts & Suckers

When it comes to sugar and what makes it so bad for teeth is because it has to do with the amount of duration of exposure.

For example, just think how bad it is to drink three sodas in a daily basis. That is how much sugar that is in these types of candies.

That is why candy conversation hearts and Valentine suckers need to be avoided. Also, don’t think that simply crunching on hard candy is an alternative because it is not due to all the sugar exposed to your teeth. Plus, it can do a lot of damage to your teeth if you bite down on them.

Valentine’s Day Can Still Be Sweet With Braces

The most important point in any sort of dietary restriction, while wearing braces is to just avoid any potential damage to your wires, brackets, or your teeth. This doesn’t mean locking yourself in your room. It just means practicing with caution with sweets during your oral hygiene routine. However, you can take extra care of your teeth by rinsing your mouth with water after eating candy to wash away the sugary residue and particles left behind.

The best advice that we can give is to follow all the proper instructions and procedures from your orthodontist.

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