Easter is coming, but you’re not sure what to leave in the Easter Basket for your kids because they have braces? Don’t worry; we have few suggestions on how to make this Easter Holiday special for your child, even without the sweets and candies that are not recommended to eat while wearing braces.

Baked Treats

While wearing braces, it is completely safe to eat baked foods, unless they contain raisins, nuts or any fillings that are hard to bite. Nevertheless, the “completely safe” is applicable only when your kids do some brush or floss afterwards. Just to give you a hint, you can prepare some Easter cookies, cupcakes or brownies. And don’t forget to decorate them!Marshmallows

Another treat, which you can allow to have your kid during Easter Holiday, is Marshmallow. Even though marshmallow is not the healthiest treat, but it is definitely a braces- friendly snack. And again, remember to brush and floss!

Chocolate Snacks

We know how hard it is to avoid eating those chocolate eggs and bunnies on the Easter Day, but we have good news for you: a sugary sweet chocolate is fine for your child to eat during the holiday! Only make sure that the chocolate is soft and does not contain nuts. The brushing and flossing is obligatory after eating chocolates too.

Finally, try to be active during this Easter Holidays, play some sports, games, create something together; it will make your child happy and distract them from eating too many Easter treats! Happy Easter!

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